Leicestershire and Rutland Youth Sailing Association.

This Foundation supported project was selected as the Leicestershire and Rutland Youth Sailing Association runs a very successful and inclusive water sports charity, offering training and competition opportunities for junior, youth, and adults with a range of special needs. The students will not only learn a new skill but will be enjoying a healthy outdoor activity while gaining in confidence and self-esteem. The aim is that the children will achieve their stage 1 youth sailing by the end of the project, and progress on to more advanced training in the future through the opportunities within the LRYSA.



What was the money for?

This project combined specialist advisers from the Outdoor Learning Experience (OLE) Leicestershire Youth Sailing Association and Leicestershire Education Authority to deliver 8 full sailing sessions of 3 hours each to 11 young people aged 12-24 from Autism Outreach. This project aims to retain those who take part in sailing by offering multiple opportunities to remain in the sport and progress.

Grant awarded

£620 1 year

What were the results?

8 young people who participated in this project have continued to sail for 12 months or more.