Icelandic Youth Training Week

Each year, The Icelandic Sailing Federation brings youngsters together from clubs across the country to have a full weeks training, followed by a 2-day sailing regatta.
During the week, a group of 4 coaches provide training to 25 youngsters in a range of boats from optimists, topaz, lasers and 29ers.
Having the perfect natural resource of constant hot water, a large life raft full of hot water provides a great warm up area after a cold days sailing.
The majority of the boats are provided by the local sailing clubs who are looking to expand the offering they make to the young people learning to sail and coming into the sport through the support of the local community.



What was the money for?

The Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation provided a lead racing coach to head up the Icelandic Sailing Federation's youth week in 2016 and to:

1. Provide coaching for the kids
2. Work with the Icelandic Sailing Federation to develop their clubs and their local team of coaches

Grant awarded

ASF Coach

What were the results?

The sailing clubs have seen in the months that have passed since that the children who took part are more enthusiastic and keen to train harder. This has been reflected by the increase in participants in the nationals and especially in the number of new Laser sailors. The clubs in the Reykjavik area have since been discussing shared training after the schools start, and are fairly optimistic that we will have training sessions in the coming fall and winter which are necessary to keep up momentum.