Greenbank School Programme

This project aims to incorporate a sustainable sailing programme into school outdoor learning activities and help develop skills that will improve young people’s abilities to succeed in life and work. The project will be introduced in phases over 3 years with an ultimate aspiration to continue the programme on a permanent basis. We will take year 4 students through their RYA Stage 1&2 in year 1, then RYA Stage 3 in year 2 leading to a sailing trip in year 3 as part of our school residential in Cumbria. During this time we will train up our outdoor learning team as RYA Instructors.


Rochdale, UK

What was the money for?

Our project will take place over three years. Year 1 will see 12 of our year 4 students complete a 8 week sailing program which will take them through their RYA stage 1&2 qualification. In year 2 of the project the year 1 element will be repeated with 12 of the new year 4 students completing their RYA Stage 1&2, the students from the year 1 project will now be in year 5 will complete another 8 week program which will help them achieve their RYA stage 3 qualification. In year 3 another 12 year 4 students will complete their RYA stage 1&2 with the new year 5 group completing their RYA Stage 3, the 12 original students now in year 6 will complete a sailing trip during the school residential in Cumbria. The weekly training sessions will be 2 hours long and will run during school time from 1400 to 1600 on Thursday afternoons

Grant awarded

£4,040 3 years