Every person who has experienced sailing and watersports will be able to report anecdotally that taking part has hugely positive impacts. Spending time outdoors and on the water is good for both physical health and mental wellbeing. Learning a new skill is both challenging and immensely rewarding; the skill of sailing gives both thrills and calm relaxation in equal measure.

For young people developing their life skills, sailing offers the chance to practice and demonstrate teamwork, problem solving, decision making, communication, resilience and much more. In 2016 the Andrew Simpson Foundation set out to produce academic research to demonstrate what we all know about the benefits of sailing. So far we have had one piece produced by the University of Winchester, published in the Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning, and a second piece by the University of Exeter due to be published later this year.

New in 2019 we have agreed to work with the RYA on a partnership piece of research conducted by UCL into the individual developmental benefits of dinghy sailing for young people.

We are committed to always making the results of our research freely available to the wider sailing community for anyone to use and benefit from.