Community Sailing Programmes

Our aim is to help inspire as many disadvantaged young people into sailing as possible, enabling them to experience the benefits that the sport can offer. To achieve this, we have many different charitable programmes on offer. Whether you are a youth group or school group, disabled or able-bodied, we have options to inspire.

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Inspiring Participation

Discover Sailing

Discover Sailing aims to make sailing accessible to every young person within the catchment area of an Andrew Simpson Watersports Centre. Grants and subsidies are available so that everyone has a chance to discover sailing for themselves and can benefit from all that sailing has to offer; confidence building, teamwork, learning a new skill, getting active on the water and an increased sense of wellbeing.


Regular Access For All

Sailing Club

Sailing Club is a chance for every young person to sail regularly, improving their sailing skills and learning new ones, not to mention the fun and friendships that come with being part of a club that is always encouraging them to fulfil their potential – both in sailing but also in essential life skills that can be learnt and honed through regular sailing.

The Stars of the Future

Race Club

Race Club is for those that want to add a competitive edge to their sailing. Young people will have access to top-level race coaching and they can be taken from entry-level racers to a competitive standard including support and access to racing against other young people and clubs in youth and schools’ regattas. Sailing and sail racing can be seen as an elitist activity but through these programmes the Foundation aims to make this accessible to all.

Tackling Inactivity

Sail Fit

Sail Fit programme is ideal for those who aren’t as active as they’d like to be but perhaps don’t warm to the traditional team or track and field sports that schools tend to offer. Sailing is a great way of getting active and fit and being outdoors is good for your mental and physical health. This programme not only inspires activity in any young person, but also delivers specialist training on nutrition, how to cook easy delicious meals, and how to fuel your body right to make the most of sailing activities.

Physical & Mental Well Being

Aiming High

The Aiming High programme is for young people who are facing struggles or disadvantage in life – whether that be a physical disability or mental health challenges – our desire is that those young people can have their lives enhanced and their mental wellbeing improved by being on the water, achieving something new, having independence as they learn to control the boat by themselves and making new friends whilst being part of an encouraging, supportive community.

Equipping the Next Generation

Young Leaders

Aimed at teenagers who show potential or who would benefit from learning and developing leadership skills this is a two-year programme with weekend activities once a month over the winter which focus, not just on sailing but on leadership skills. These skills will put young people on a good track should they wish to become a sailing instructor themselves but also will enhance not only a CV but a young persons aspirations and chances of gaining employment as they become a young adult. Sailing is the vehicle – but the skills are endlessly transferrable.

Raising Aspirations


The Portsmouth Sail Training Project was founded in Portsmouth and aims to raise the aspirations and chances of young people from socially deprived areas who are at risk of unemployment. This project teaches young people sailing and many other related marine skills putting them on a pathway towards a career in the watersports industry or a career at sea.