Bart’s Bash Event Makers


Volunteer to be a part of the world’s largest sailing event. Inspire friends, family and fellow sailors to take to the water, have an amazing experience and raise funds.

Everyone gains from your involvement, including you and you will take away a not-to-be-forgotten experience that will make you smile whenever you think about it, not to mention all the people involved around you! It’s a win win and we warmly encourage you to sign up as an Event Maker.

  • Be the Bart’s Bash point of contact for the Foundation and Bart’s Bash team
  • Encourage your venue to organise a Bart’s Bash event
  • Gather a great team around you and decide how you will make your Bart’s Bash really special and successful

Bart’s Bash is a great way support the work of the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation but it can also be used to promote your venue to a wider audience, and encourage more people to participate in the event at your venue.

By setting up a page on our website, or logging in to your current one, you have complete control and you are able to:

  • Put your venue on our the map – our GLOBAL map!
  • Upload images – share the experience
  • Link to YouTube videos & share web and social media links to bring the event to life

If you would like more information or would like to know how to get involved please visit or contact

Event Makers Guide

Download the Guide

Download the Event Makers Guide here more