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Crewsaver renews its partnership

Crewsaver has today announced the renewal of its partnership with the Andrew Simpson Foundation (ASF).

Extended for an additional three years, the partnership sees Crewsaver supply not only the equipment required for the Andrew Simpson Sailing Centre (ASSC) in Weymouth, UK, and prizes for Bart’s Bash but in addition, through a new extended agreement, the supply of equipment to a variety of sailing projects that are also supported by the Foundation.

In addition to all of the safety equipment and on-the-water clothing donated to the ASSC, Crewsaver will also be supplying ‘Club Safety Packs’ to the organisations supported by the Foundation.  These packs will consist of a number of items such as buoyancy aids, helmets and on-the-water clothing.

Some of the first to benefit from this new agreement include Tideway Sailability, Hong Kong Sailabilty and Prestwick Sailing Club.

Richard Percy, CEO of the Foundation, commented:

“It is absolutely fantastic news that Crewsaver is continuing its support for the Foundation for another three years. The safety equipment that Crewsaver provides to the Andrew Simpson Sailing Centre at the National Sailing Academy is invaluable and ensures all our young people are wearing world-class safety equipment.

“Owing to Crewsaver’s ongoing support, the Foundation is also delighted to announce that we will be funding and supplying ‘Club Safety Packs’ to some of the amazing sailing projects that work with disadvantaged young people both within the UK and abroad. As part of this, the Foundation will be supplying Crewsaver buoyancy aids, helmets and waterproofs to Sailability Centres that provide access to sailing for the disabled.”  

Hannah Burywood, Marketing Manager for Survitec Group and Crewsaver is also delighted, saying:

“It has been a great pleasure to support the Foundation over the last three years and we are delighted to be able to renew for another three years.  Over the last three years, we have watched the Foundation support some fantastic projects, that we wanted to ensure could benefit from the same safety equipment as the Foundation itself.”