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Bart’s Bash attracts over 250 clubs in first month!

‘Simply incredible’ is how Iain Percy described the news that the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation’s Bart’s Bash has been signing up clubs at a rate of over 8 a day and has now reached and surpassed the 250 club mark. This massive early wave of signups all occurred within the first 31 days of the announcement of the World Record attempt on Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson’s birthday, 17th December, just one month ago.

Welsh sailing provided a milestone breakthrough at 200 clubs as Saundersfoot, a small seaside village sailing club in West Wales, signed up to take part in Bart’s Bash.  Established in 1949, Saundersfoot has a deep history of hosting regattas, members’ sailing and a strong youth sailing scene.  Sailing Secretary Mick Lightwood commented ‘The membership have taken to Bart’s Bash with great enthusiasm, SSC is a small club but with a lot of history and some very keen sailors who turn out each week in a wide variety of dinghys. We are hopefully going to turn the event into an all day social based around the sailing, and from initial suggestions and ideas it will be a big success’. See more about Saundersfoot at

The Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation would like to pause, pay tribute and say thank you to everyone who is supporting this event and helping to spread the word.  International clubs have so far signed up from Kenya, Australia, Canada, America, Australia, Germany, Singapore and Bulgaria with many more early expressions of interest.  As of last night, 16th January, the total number of clubs committed to participate was 257. Most of these clubs can be seen on the website page dedicated to sharing the list of participating clubs at  This page is updated regularly with the next update scheduled for our official launch day of 1st February.

Bart’s Bash is evolving rapidly from the original concept and now includes yachts, dinghies and windsurfers, all competing within a 24 hour event window making the mass participation potential of this event truly staggering. Just imagine – if we sailed the racetoday, with our existing 251 clubs, averaging forty boats, with half of them double handers…. That would equate to more than 15,000 people taking part on the water!  But we’re not sailing today…  We have another nine months to build what could be the largest participation event across all sports in the UK and one of the largest participation sporting events on Earth.  We’re only just getting started…

We salute those clubs who have signed up so far and implore everyone to keep spreading the word.  We’re half way to signing up 500 clubs!!  It is simply incredible and a true honour and testament to the legacy of the man who was a friend to us all, Andrew Simpson.  Thank you so, so much everyone.


Dates to remember:

Logo entries – Deadline Sunday 19th January

Event Launch – Saturday 1st February

Bart’s Bash – Sunday 21st September

Questions and Answers

Q. When can we get more details?

A. The Bart’s Bash team are working through the process with Guinness to finalise the World Record Attempt/s.  To provide a rough guide, we do not envisage having a comprehensive level of detail until Spring, however we announced this event with plenty of days notice – 271 days to go! in order to fit in with the Sailing community’s organisation of calendars for next year.  At the detailed launch on 1st February a more thorough document will be made public.  For the time being, announcements will be made jointly through the Bart Project Facebook page, and the ASSFwebsite.  Journalists who wish to be included in the mailing list for press releases should contact

Q. Is the event global?

A. Absolutely, but the Guinness World Record rules will be very strict and specific, which at the moment includes a consistent start time at 11am BST, so Sydney will just have to put the floodlights on….

Q. Is the ASSF Bart’s Bash going to include Yachts, Dinghies and Windsurfers?

A. YES! The original plan was for it to be a dinghies event but we have had many, many other people wishing to take part. ASSF Bart’s Bash is now set to be a world first event – embracing the concept of sailors racing each other from clubs across the country, racing across continents and racing across the categories of boats; from dinghies to yachts to multihulls. We will be investigating the Guinness Records for the largest Yachting events, The UK Round the Island hits 30,000 sailors, we will have to re set the target probably above 50,000, five times the original goal!

To sign your club up, email or visit the website  A full list of ‘ASSF Bart’s Bash’ participating clubs will soon be found at Keep spreading the word – #sailonbart