How to Apply

If you (or a young person you know) would benefit from sailing or watersports activities but are prevented from taking part due to financial constraints, we would like to help!

Please download the form here, fill in and return to


We will consider individual subsidies for any course or regular club that we offer at the Andrew Simpson Watersports Centres. We are most interested in funding activity that will lead to regular participation and a sustained benefit rather than one-off taster sessions.

Please describe as much as possible the benefit that you hope the young person will gain from the activity applied for, and why there is a need for financial assistance.

We can only offer subsidies for activities at one of our Andrew Simpson Watersports Centres, see more at

We will normally only consider one subsidy per person per academic year.

We may ask you or the young person for photos (if possible), quotes or a report on the benefit that the activity has had on them. As much as possible we ask that you work with us to achieve this. Having case studies and testimonials about the benefits of this charitable activity will help us to raise awareness and support to be able to offer this assistance to greater numbers of young people in the future.