Are you eligible?

Is your organisation Not For Profit/Charity/CIC?

Do you offer the activities for those aged 5-24?

Do you offer a programme of regular sailing participation? (Sailing can include windsurfing and kite boarding)

Will the project lead to the sustainable delivery of sailing as a development and educational tool?

Will the grant enable your organisation to remove any barriers to participation that may currently exist?

Is the project that needs funding a sailing activity that will have one, or more, of the following outcomes?

1. Improved health

2. Improved wellbeing

3. Improved life skills

4. Increased social engagement

5.Increased family cohesion

6. Improved employment opportunities

7.Improved opportunities in the sport of sailing

If your project meets all of the requirements, keep popping back to find out when you will be able to apply. Please email or grants team on if you have any questions or require further information.